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Welcome to Cedar Branch!
Camp 80, Lee DuCote, Amazon, Novel, Cedar Branch, Retirement Community
Camp 80, Lee DuCote, Barns and Noble, Novel, Cedar Branch, Retirement Community
Lee DuCote, Novel, Writer, Author, Romance


         Hello and Welcome.  I am the author of Fields of Alicia that made #1 Bestselling Romance on, Waterproof, Across Borders, and Micah.  I look forward to receiving feedback on my stories and you can follow me @leeducote on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for other news about future stories.  And yes I have pet raccoons named Tucker and Otter.  You can follow them @tuckerraccoon.

         Thank you,
         Lee DuCote   
Bob Griffin Interviews Lee DuCote about Camp 80

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Lee DuCote
Author for Grave Distractions Publications
Lee DuCote, Fields of Alicia, Waterproof
Lee DuCote, Amazon, Author, Writer
Lee DuCote, Barns&Noble, Author, Writer